Rowing for Baltic Herring 2.10.2022

The Rotarians invite you to save the Baltic Sea and refresh yourself!

Baltic Herring rowing for the benefit of clean local waters and the Baltic Sea will be rowed by church boats in Helsinki on the opening day of the Herring Market, Sunday 2nd of October 2022. Rowing for Baltic Herring event has been organized from 2013 and it has raised almost 70 000 euros for the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Herring lunch and seminar will be held after rowing.

Refresh and do good!

All people, companies and communities are being challenged. Baltic Herring rowing is a relaxed and physical recreational event. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen the team spirit as well as contribute to a better tomorrow for the surrounding society.

Raising funds for the research dives of the marine research vessel Aranda

The funds raised in the Rowing for Baltic Herring event in 2022 will support research dives from the research vessel Aranda. The pre-war wrecks resting on the bottom of the Baltic Sea still contain harmful substances such as oil-based fuels and lubricants as well as toxic substances. Explosives in ammunition and chemical weapons dumped in the sea pose a growing threat to the sensitive environment of the Baltic Sea. Funds are raised through support fees and rowing participation fees. By purchasing lotteries during the event, you can also support the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Rowing event, lunch and seminar 

Rowing for Baltic Herring event offers fun program for the whole Baltic super weekend!

  1. Rowing in longboats from Töölönlahti to the Market Square
  2. Herring lunch at Unicafe Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3)
  3. Seminar "Tribute to the Baltic Herring"  Read more!

Participate in one activity or all three!


By 9th of September 2022 at the latest. You can register yourself as a single rower, or you can organize a whole rowing team of 14 single oar rowers and the cox. The organizers will provide the boats.

Rowing fees


Sunday the 2nd of October 2022

9.00 Gathering and registrations at Little Finlandia
10.00 Coffee and instructions for the rowers, photo shoot of the teams by the sea
11.00 Rowing in longboats from Töölönlahti to Market Square
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Seminar "Tribute to Baltic Herring" 
15.30 End of the rowing day, off to herring market!