Rowing for Baltic Herring 6.10.2024

The 2023 Rowing for Baltic Herring event raised 7000 euros! The proceeds were donated to the Baltic Sea Action Group for the protection of underwater biodiversity. The donation ceremony was held at the Herttoniemi Rotary Club's weekly meeting on January 23, 2024, where Elina Ranta from BSAG received the donation. Read the press release!

The Rotarians invite you to save the Baltic Sea and refresh yourself!

Baltic Herring row (Silakkasoutu) for the benefit of clean local waters and the Baltic Sea will be rowed by church boats in Helsinki on the opening day of the Herring Market, Sunday 6th of October 2024. Rowing for Baltic Herring event has been organized from 2013 and it has raised over 80 000 euros for the Baltic Sea.

This year, alongside the rowing event, there will be an alternative activity: the Herring Hike, a 5-kilometer walk along the shores of central Helsinki.

Refresh and do good!

All people, companies and communities are being challenged. Baltic Herring rowing is a relaxed and physical recreational event. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen the team spirit as well as contribute to a better tomorrow for the surrounding society.

Rowing event, lunch and seminar 

Rowing for Baltic Herring event offers fun program for the Baltic Sea super sunday!

  1. Rowing in longboats from Töölönlahti to the Market Square OR
    Walking a guided 5 km route, Herring Hike, along the shore
  2. Herring lunch
  3. Seminar

Participate in one activity or all three!